photo2Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Business Sentinel's services.


Is there really no cost for my meeting?

Yes. There are no costs or obligations. We will present our assessment based upon our research of your company and in depth discussions with you. If you like what we have to say, you can invite us back. If not, you can simply keep our assessment and we part company.

Is this only for large companies?

No. While Business Sentinel does work extensively with companies turning over 1 million plus per annum, because of the current economic climate we are now also working smaller companies to assist in stabilizing them and returning them profitability, bringing the knowledge and resources of our expert business personnel to smaller businesses currently turning over 150K+ per annum

How do I start?

Simply Contact Us and a Business Sentinel representative will arrange a time for you to speak with one of our expert business personnel via telephone. Together, you and the expert will choose a suitable time to meet. No costs, no obligations.